I am very keen for him to study journalism in India where he would be challenged to think in different ways, to question everything and to be thorough with the opportunity for work experience in highly professional broadcast newsrooms would be invaluable. I recommend him to you without hesitation as I think he has a great career ahead of him.

Suzanne YatesTraining Manager, BBC News, London

Dear Mr. Choudhary,

Voice International would like to thank and acknowledge the services of SBC in providing and facilitating professional correspondence for our Newsroom in Australia.

Most notably, we would like to thank Mr. Tushir Choudhary for his efforts in assisting to arrange special correspondence of the Indian Elections 2004 via Smarika Rana. Mr. Choudhary has also arranged several interview occasions with students regarding their perceptions of various social and political issues.

The commitment of SBC in nurturing prossionalism, credibility and integrity in its students was clearly demonstrated through the co-operation of its faculty with our international radio station.

As an international broadcaster into Greater Asia, Voice International expresses its deepest gratitude to SBC, with special regard to Mr. Choudhary for his personal oversight of the project to develop stimulating and professional programming for Voice International.

With kind regards,

Stuart Cranney, News Services Co-ordinatorVoice International, Australia