M. A. in Mass Communication


  • To offer a curriculum that provides training in basic skills in different areas of Mass Communication.
  • To improve the communication ability of students, particularly in professional genres.
  • To instill in students a sense of purpose, mission and ethical values in their chosen fields.
  • To engage students in critical analysis of texts of the media of mass communication.
  • To initiate students in the culture and habit of self study.
  • To prepare professionals, who posses the ability to produce, present and disseminate information accordance with the higher standard of excellence of media organisations, NGOs and others.
  • To impart students an understanding of he mass communication process, its impact on human and social sphere, and the socio-cultural environment within which it operates.
  • To lead students towards, intellectual preparation that emphasises the ability to think critically and creatively, the ability to solve problems effectively in a professional context and to cope with the fast moving changes in the professional world of media.Course Content :
Semester I Semester III
1. Science of Human Communication 1. Art & Craft of Editing (Print Media)
2. Socio Economic Polity 2. Reporting & Editing for Electronic Media
3. Origin & Growth of Indian Media 3. Television & Video Programme Production
4. Media Language: Structure, Style & Translation 4. Writing on Current Affairs
5. Basic Computer Application 5. Media Management


Semester II Semester IV
1. Mass Communication Process 1. Advertising: Principles and Practice
2. Art & Craft of Reporting (Print Media) 2. Corporate Communication & Public Relation
3. Radio Programmes and Production 3. Process of Mass Communication Research
4. Communication For Development 4. Issue Oriented Writing
5. Media Laws & Ethics 5. Cyber Communication

Eligibility : Graduation in any discipline from a recg. Univ.
No. of Seats : 25
Course Duration : 2 years (4 Semesters)